Maple Valley Youth Sports


Tahoma Hoops is committed to promoting youth sports in Maple Valley, WA, and beyond. Established in 2010, our organization has been creating fantastic opportunities for the boys and girls interested in pursuing Maple Valley youth sports like basketball.

We run a basketball program to train young athletes in excellent basketball skills and develop them for active participation in Maple Valley youth sports events.

Our program is not meant just for recreational purposes as our coaches work hard to teach the game to our participants who have a long-term perspective on pursuing Maple Valley youth sports.

Talk to our experts to learn more about the kids sports tournaments and kids leagues that will be accessible after you come to us for the following:

  • Youth basketball
  • AAU basketball
  • Select basketball
  • Basketball youth programs

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Maple Valley Kids Sports


We believe that participation in Maple Valley kids sports is a must for the healthy growth of boys and girls. The benefit of youth sports is not limited to facilitating physical fitness.

Maple Valley kids sports also help the youth appreciate healthy competitive instead of rivalry, develop sportsman spirit of fair play, learn teamwork and become self-confident.

Families should encourage their children to enroll in Maple Valley kids sports programs like ours. We even help them be more than spectators by volunteering as coaches for our Maple Valley kids sports programs.

Come to us if you want your child to become a better individual and community member through active participation in our programs including:

  • Kids basketball programs
  • Kids basketball coaching
  • Kids basketball camps
  • Kids basketball events

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Maple Valley Kids Leagues


Our mission is to create basketball players with the skills and confidence to play in the competitive Maple Valley kids leagues. Along with strengthening the fundamental game skills, we focus on teaching the children essential life skills that help them significantly in performing well in the Maple Valley kids leagues.

We take a long-term approach to training our student-athletes. Our objective goes beyond their good showing in Maple Valley kids leagues. We want them to progress from Maple Valley kids leagues to college sports and then a sports career.

Contact us for further discussion about the following:

  • Sports leagues
  • Sports programs for the youth
  • Basketball leagues
  • Youth league basketball

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