TBA Bylaws

TBA Bylaws

Tahoma Basketball Association
Updated July 2022

Article 1


  • The purpose for which this Association is formed is to promote and develop competitive Tahoma boys and girls basketball teams in each of the third,  fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades and provide a venue for players to develop individual and team skills that will prepare them for the opportunity to play basketball for Tahoma High School.

Article 2


2.1       Assent. By becoming members of the Association, all present and future members of the Association consent to abide by these Bylaws as the same may be amended from time to time.

Article 3


3.1       Membership Requirements. Parents or legal guardians of players selected to play on an Association team who pay to the Association an annual fee (“Annual Fee”) set by the Association of the board of directors (“Board”) and who sign a code of conduct in a form prescribed by the Board shall be members of the Associations for the following twelve months.

3.2       Annual Fee Waiver.  In its discretion and by majority vote, the Board may waive the annual fee for any player who demonstrates a hardship need as defined by the board.  When fees are waived, the Board will seek volunteer support from the player’s family during game day or other TBA activities.

3.3       Membership Revocation. The Board may revoke the membership of any member by majority vote.  In such event, or in the event of a voluntary membership revocation, the Board may, but is not required to refund all or a portion of the Annual Fee.  If a member leaves the program voluntarily, due to any reason, the Board will not refund the annual fee.  Accepting a roster spot and paying the annual fee is required for participation.

Article 4


4.1       Annual Meeting.  At the conclusion of each season, the Board shall set an annual meeting of the members to be held at such a location as the Board may determine on a  date between May 15th and June 21st of each year.  At such meeting, the members shall elect members to the Board and transact such other business as may properly come before the meeting.

4.2       Notice of the Annual Meeting.  The President, or Secretary of the Association shall provide notice of the meeting by email not less than seven days prior to the date of the annual meeting.

4.3       Voting. Members in good standing shall collectively be entitled to one (1) vote at any membership meeting.  Voting at the meeting shall be by voice or by written ballot as determined by the Board.  A member or the member’s representative must be present at the meeting in order to cast a vote.

4.4       Budget.  The Treasurer of the Association shall provide a budget during the annual meeting for the forthcoming year.  The budget shall be deemed ratified by the Association unless rejected by a majority of members.

Article 5


5.1       Number, Term and Qualifications. The affairs of the Association shall be governed by an Executive Board of Directors. The term of office for directors shall begin the day after each is elected and shall terminate at the conclusion of the next annual meeting of members.

5.2       Election.  Members will elect an odd number of voting Board members ranging between five (5), seven (7), or nine (9). Roles of Board members are: President, Director of Basketball Operations, Assistant Director of Operations, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Community Relations, Director of Coaching, Tournament Coordinator, League Director, Director of Special Events.  If or when the board grows in size, the Board will announce new titles or responsibilities.

5.3       Powers and Duties. The Board shall have all powers and duties necessary for the administration of the affairs of the Association and not specifically reserved to the members as provided herein or in the Article of Incorporation.

5.4       Compensation. Compensation will be paid to the treasurer of the board and director(s) of operations.  All other Board members will not be paid any compensation for their services to the community.

5.5       Removal of Directors.  Any director may be removed from office by a majority vote of the Board with or without cause.  Any director whose removal has been proposed shall be given an opportunity to be heard at the meeting.  In such event, or in the event of a resignation by a Board member, the remaining members shall appoint a new director to hold office until the next annual membership meeting.

5.6       Organizational Meeting.  The first meeting of the newly elected Board shall be held within 15 days of election.

5.7       Regular Meetings The Board shall meet not less than nine times per year, at such time and place chosen by the Association President. Notice of Board meeting shall be given not less than seven (7) days in advance of the meeting by email.  Attendance at a Board meeting shall constitute waiver of notice of the meeting. All board members must attend 75% of board meetings to remain an active board member.

5.8       Quorum.     At the meetings of the Board, five or more directors shall constitute a quorum.  A decision of a majority of the Board members shall be the decision of the Board. Voting by proxy is not allowed.

5.9       President.  The Association President shall preside at all Board and member meetings.

5.10     Secretary.   This position shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the Board and of the Association.

5.11     Treasurer.   The treasurer shall have responsibility for the Association funds and shall maintain full and accurate accounting records for receipts and disbursements.

5.12 Committee Selection.   The Board shall create various committees’ in order to conduct events and business.  Committee members must be members of TBA, but do not need to be Board members.  Each Committee must have at least one board member.

Article 6


6.1       Coach Selection 6th– 8th Grade.  The Board shall select head coaches for all teams (boys and girls) in 6th-8th grade and shall, to the extent reasonably possible, choose independent gold team head coaches unrelated to any player on the coach’s team. Assistant coaches shall be chosen by the head coach and will be subject to board approval. Non-parent head coaches at this level will be paid coaches and will not have a child on the team. If a paid coach cannot be identified, then a Board vote must take place in order for a parent coach to be put into place.

6.2       Coach Selection 4th- 5th Grade.  The Board shall select head coaches for all teams (boys and girls) and shall allow coaches related to players. Independent coaches will be selected if possible. Assistant coaches shall be chosen by the head coach and will be subject to board approval.

6.3       Remuneration of Coaches. The Board shall set reasonable remuneration for head coaches who are unrelated to any player on that coaches’ team.  Parents or legal guardians who coach on any team shall not be entitled to remuneration, but may, in the discretion of the Board, be subject to a waiver of the annual fee.

Article 7


7.1       Selection Committee.  Not later than August 31st of each year, the Board shall choose a selection committee whose members are experienced in evaluating basketball talent.  Selection committee members need not be members of the Association.  No person shall participate in selecting players for a grade when that person’s child or family relation is a candidate for a team of that grade.

7.2       Tryouts.  The selection committee shall hold tryouts and make its selection of players for up to two teams in each grade during September of each year.

7.3       Criteria for Selection.  The primary criteria for the committee’s selection of players shall be the players’ demonstrated abilities (dribbling and shooting skill, athleticism, defense, and attitude) during one or more tryout sessions.  As a secondary consideration, the committee may consider a given player’s level of play during the prior season on any Association team.

Article 8


All members shall not engage in any activity which gives rise to, or could give rise to, an appearance or claim of conflict of interest by reason of such person’s positions with Tahoma Basketball Association. This includes, but is not limited to, activity intended to influence the Associations’ budget, coaching decisions or use of funds.

Article 9


These bylaws may only be amended by an affirmative vote of two thirds of the members attending a member meeting.

The foregoing Bylaws were approved at a Board Meeting on July 27th, 2022 with Association members by more than a two-thirds vote.

President:   Courtney King 

Secretary:    Jody Chandonnet

Treasurer:   Jeni Berry

Exec Board Member: Steve Meyer

Exec Board Member: Josh King

Exec Board Member: Ryan Kelly

Exec Board Member: Nate Dodson

Exec Board Member: Lilla Bush

Exec Board Member: Kristy Pachciarz 

Exec Board Member: Lee Olson