Tryout FAQ's

What age groups/grades can try out for TBA?

TBA’s program offers team tryouts from 4th grade through 8th grade.


Do you have both boy's and girls teams? What does it cost to play in a season?

Yes, TBA has both girl's teams and boys' teams from the 4th-grade level through the 8th-grade level. Depending on how many kids try out determines if we can offer a team at each grade level.


What does it cost to play in a season?

Costs for a season vary from year to year, which takes into account leagues costs, tournament costs, and gym costs.  Historically, fees range from $650-700 per child.

When are tryouts? Tryouts for the regular basketball season are typically in early to 

Tryouts for the regular basketball season are typically in early to mid-September. The exact dates for tryouts will be updated to our Facebook page, the website, and an email with tryout information will go to last year’s players parents. Tryout dates and registration will be posted by August 1 each year.


What do I need to do to tryout?

Anyone interested in trying out will need to register on the TBA web site prior to the tryout dates. The registration link for tryouts will be available by August 1 each year. Wear appropriate basketball attire and bring your own basketball to tryouts.


If I was on a TBA team last season, do I need to tryout again?

Yes. Everyone has to tryout each year.


What if I can’t make it to tryouts?

It is critical to make it to the tryouts in order to truly evaluate the skill level of all the kids amongst the group. However, if you have a major conflict (e.g. pre-booked vacation, wedding, priority school event, etc.) and aren’t able to attend either day of tryouts, contact and we will review it on a case by case basis.


Can I tryout for a grade/age group that is older than I am? Can I play up?

Everyone must tryout during the session of their current grade and gender. TBA typically does not allow kids to play up. Kids will be assigned to teams based on their current grade during tryouts. However, if a child is older for their grade and their talent exceeds the level of play at their grade, it is at the discretion of TBA to determine if a child should play up.


How many kids make each team?

The number of kids on each team can vary depending on skill level and the number of people that tryout. Each team will have anywhere from 8-12 kids.


How many teams are there per grade?

We try to have at least 1 team per grade level for both boys and girls. If we have a lot of kids try out, sometimes we will have 2 teams per grade – a GOLD team and a BLUE team.


When do I find out if I made the team?

You will find out if you made the team within less than 1 week after the tryout date. Exact dates will be communicated each year when you check-in for tryouts.


I didn’t make the team – can I tryout again?

Absolutely! We encourage all kids to tryout again the following season.