Teaching the Great Game of Basketball

Sponsorships/Fundraising FAQ's

Does TBA accept sponsorships?

Yes! We are a 501c3 and would love to partner with any companies looking to support their local basketball association.  If you are interested in sponsoring TBA, please contact info@tahomahoops.com


If I want to make a personal donation, can I donate to TBA?

Yes! Donations and fundraisers are what help keep TBA going.  Any donations you make to TBA are tax deductible.  Please send any donation questions to info@tahomahoops.com


​Does TBA do any fundraisers?

Yes.  Our main fundraiser is a Shoot-A-Thon in late fall.  Players are encouraged to reach out to friends, family, neighbors and sponsor them during the shoot-a-thon with either a flat donation or a per shot donation (100 shot attempts per player).