Coaching FAQ's

I’m interested in coaching a TBA team, how do I apply?  

At any point in the year, if you are interested in more information regarding coaching, please contact  Anyone wanting to coach will have to go through an interview process with some of the TBA board members.


Can I coach my child’s team?

While the goal of TBA is to have mostly non-parent trained paid coaches, that isn’t always possible or affordable. Therefore, there are some teams that do end up with parent coaches.


Do you have assistant coaches? 

Yes, whenever possible, the goal is to have 1 head coach and 1 assistant coach for each team.


Are coaches paid? 

All parent coaches are on a volunteer basis, however, they do receive a discount on their child’s TBA fee.  Non-parent coaches are typically paid.


How much do you pay your non-parent coaches?

Payments for non-parent coaches are determined and based on basketball and coaching experience.  Any paid coaches will be paid a flat amount for the season, receiving half at the beginning of the season and the other half at the end.