What is the difference between a "Feeder Program" and an "AAU/Club" program?

Select and feeder teams are similar in that they are designed for advanced players, they hold tryouts, and they play at the more competitive AAU level. The difference is that a feeder team is meant to help players develop close relationships with girls and boys they will eventually be playing with in high school should they make that team.  A feeder team is designed to expose players to their high school's athletes, coaches, games, community, and school pride before they even reach their freshman year.  Feeder programs are still required to access an AAU card for tournament and league sanctioned events.

The spirit of feeder player eligibility is:

  1. That all players in the league play for the Program that feeds where they will attend high school.
  2. That all players in the league live or attend school within the boundary of an Eastside Travel League (ETL) member program.

To be eligible to play for ETL programs feeding Public High Schools, players must either:

  1. Reside within the boundary of the public high school they represent; or
  2. Attend a school within that public high school boundary area.

True AAU or Club basketball can draw from players anywhere they wish and traditionally will not play in a league, but instead will be traveling locally or nationally for tournaments.